Corporate Culture

We want to be intentional about company culture from the start. We believe that the most valuable and profitable companies in the long-run are those that are intentional in valuing all stakeholders - employees, investors, customers, humanity. Thus we intend to:

  1. Act in a way that respects our customers and seeks to provide excellent value with gracious customer services.

  2. Provide investors with a return on investment that is significant but not at the cost of employee/customer/humanity.

  3. Act in a way (for the betterment of humanity) that increases and encourages cross-cultural understanding, deep thinking, and wise utilization of resources.

  4. Contribute to humanity through the openness of our data and algorithm. Not only is this helpful for others but it is helpful for us. Too often companies "rest on their laurels" and fail to improve rapidly due to a lack of competition. We want to always deliver new value, to never say, "that is good enough" and let our service lapse into mediocrity.

  5. Take excellent care of all of our employees, without exclusion.

We are about changing the world of search but we are also about being a positive factor at all levels of existence - and of encouraging others to move in this direction as well. We hope to model a healthy company culture that others will want to imitate and which we admit comes from our admiration of many other companies who are already doing amazing things.


We want to be a company that treats its employees very well. A place that people love working at and that others desire to emulate.

We believe:

Minimal Stressors

That employees produce the most value when they have minimal stressors outside their career.

This means providing:

  • a generous living wage

  • health benefits (medical, dental, vision, HSA)

  • 401(k) with up to 4% matching

  • generous sick/vacation policies

  • flexible work schedules

  • disability and life insurance policies

  • paid parental leave

  • equipment stipend

  • continuing education stipend

  • wellness stipend

  • health/comforted-optimized working environments

Marathon, Not a Sprint

That the tortoise will win the race over the hare and that we do not need to work excessive hours to deliver a quality product that can maintain market dominance over the long haul.

As such we are committed to establishing a 40 hour work week as normative.

Invaluable Asset

That employees are an invaluable asset and should be considered before increased financial value for the company.

This means we won't cut employees or employee benefits to "save money" unless absolutely necessary.

Inherent Value

That each individual has inherent worth and that no one individual can be worth infinitely more than another.

As such, compensation for the lowest paid employee will be directly tied to the maximum compensation allowed for the highest paid employee.

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