Advanced Features

We believe in simple, intuitive UI. When someone visits our engine they should be able to utilize it productively instantly. This is the "Apple" way.

But we also believe in providing visitors with power, if they want it. This is the "Android" way.

We hope to seamlessly combine the two. For individuals looking to perform basic searches it should "just work." But for those who need more, we will provide more.

Right now most search engines are simple, intuitive to use but lack really robust tools for advanced users.

We believe individuals should be able to:

  1. Create a "just these sites" list to query that is named and saved across sessions. No need to re-enter desired sites every time one queries.

  2. Create a "not these sites" list similar to "just these sites."

  3. Remove sites from their search results that are not useful to them (with the option to report the site as low value).

  4. Reorganize search results to reflect the value the results hold for the individual user.

  5. Add specific sites to their personal list of preferred results for queries.

  6. Choose whether they want the results to include listings they have viewed previously or whether the results should only contain "new to them" results.

  7. Assign ranking values to the results of others - e.g., if an individual publicly shares their search data on NeSE an individual should be able to "link to" (without needing to grant trust) that person's data and have the results altered based on this individual's results.

What other advanced functionality would you like to see?