Your Data

You will be able to choose if and where your data is stored.

If you want complete privacy we won't store your query data.

If you want the benefits that come with having your queries saved, you'll be able to choose the storage provider you want to host your data.

  • Only on your local machine

  • On our servers (no charge)

  • On a third party storage service (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox)

  • On a self-hosted solution (perhaps a SOLID Pod, Blockstack's Gaia, Filecoin or your own personal NAS).

If you are interested in the technical side of things check out unhosted web apps and remoteStorage.

If you want your data it will be readily available for export. We will make sure the exported data is in a format easily consumable by human and machine readers (e.g. JSON) so that other services can easily consume this data (if you want them to) to improve their services to you.

Our hope is that search engines (in particular) will agree on a shared format for user data so that a user can easily export their data from one search engine and move it to another.


We aspire to fulfill the Web 3.0 Technology Stack L2 Data Encryption standard promulgated by the web3 foundation which requires data to be encrypted both at rest (e.g. your local computer) and in transit (e.g. being sent to/from the data storage provider).