The following appendixes are useful but not necessary reading for those seeking to understand the NeSE proposal. We have sought to keep the substance of our proposal limited in extent but hope some will find these additional sections useful.

  • FAQ

    • Answers to common questions we receive.

  • Making a Better World

    • Discusses ways in which we see this new search engine as being an important contribution to humanity.

  • Corporate Culture

    • Discusses some of our core values with some details on how this is reflected in our treatment of employees.

  • Outside Initial Scope

    • Ideas we hope to implement eventually but will not be included in the initial scope of the project. We want to release something robust yet quickly to the world.

  • The Team

    • Okay, we aren't sharing a lot about ourselves yet but we will be.

  • History of Web Search

    • A separate document in which we have begun collecting data about the history of web search as its current level of documentation has seemed quite limited.

  • The Current Search Landscape

    • A review of what the current search landscape looks like, major players, etc.