Making a Better World

We are eager to be part of bringing life and hope, justice and equality, in ever greater measure to this world. A search engine may seem far divorced from humanitarian endeavor but we believe that a search engine can play an important part in improving the world we all live in (consequently, it can also have a detrimental effect on the world).

  • We intend to share profits derived from consumer curated content with the curators. We believe when users create/curate valuable content the value derived from that content should be shared with the creators themselves.

  • While not every search will facilitate something productive many of them will. Better results relating to suicide, parenting skills, educational resources, truthful reports on current events, etc. will facilitate better outcomes, even if our contribution is ever so small.

  • We will significantly reduce the capability of bad actor's sites to make their way into the search results thus making consumers safer. We want to make it as difficult as possible for scammers and other criminal elements to lure vulnerable individuals into unwise and/or dangerous actions.

  • By providing our data and algorithm we believe we will increase competition, benefit from accelerated refinements due to other's contributions to the data/algorithms, and ensure that even if we ourselves should fail there will be robust resources for others to continue forward.

  • We want to model a corporate culture which emphasizes high quality care for employees, gratious and excellent customer service, and ethical / social / environmental responsibility.